Can You Visit Heartland Ranch?

Who wouldn’t love Heartland? The TV series is fully packed, from the nostalgic characters to the breathtaking sceneries. Everyone would want to visit such a ranch with a dreamy adventure. Can you visit Heartland Ranch, you ask? Let’s find out!

However, the Heartland Ranch is not always mentioned when talking about the positive vibes the series brings. Most people don’t know that it contributes greatly to displaying quality and perfect settings. 

Everyone would want to visit such a ranch with a dreamy adventure. Can you visit Heartland Ranch, you ask? Let’s find out!

What Exactly Is Heartland?

Heartland is a comedy-drama film from Canada. It premiered in 2007, counting 15 seasons, and is still strong. As of 2022, it’s the longest-running television series of all time that Canada has ever made. 

The storyline is based on Lauren Brooke’s Heartland book featuring the Heartland family ranch. It follows two sisters, Lou and Amy Fleming, living the most on a ranch in Heartland, Alberta, and revolves around celebrations, conflicts, lows, and highs of the family for decades. 

Amy is the show’s primary character, and she has a gift of listening to traumatized horses to train and assist them. She and her family hired Ty to reside and work as a stable hand on the ranch. This family has faced many challenges throughout the years, birthing stories that held the interest of most viewers for the entire season. 

So why is Heartland getting so popular and receiving much love? The TV Show gives its fans a good and family-friendly vibe that keeps them turned on. Plus, the Heartland characters can prevail over hard times while still maintaining a robust family bond is encouraging.

Is Heartland Ranch Real?

The Heartland books are built in a rural Virginia 2000 miles away from Canada and not on a real ranch. It’s a story based on the author’s experience living an equine life in the US. Though Heartland Ranch is not real, the series’ popularity has seen it appear on Google Maps. It’s now easier for fans to locate its filming location. 

In Which Location Was Heartland Filmed?

Heartland is a series based in a fictional small town called Huston. It’s based on a beautiful location loved by viewers that make it look like a real place. While Heartland is based in America, its filming location is in Canada. Also, Hudson is a fictional town, but the town scenes are filmed in High River. 

Hudson displays the perfect image of Heartland, making High River popular as the home of Heartland among the residents. As a result, it has become a popular spot among the Heartland fans for tourism, especially in the diner and on Main Street. 

Can You Visit Heartland Ranch?

You cannot visit Heartland Ranch. Why? It’s a private ranch, and the owner only allows the Heartland cast & crew for filming purposes. But you can view the ranch from afar and take a self-guided tour through the Heartland town. Plus, you can book a tour in High River, where you can have a good view of the Heartland Ranch. You can always visit High River Maggie’s dinner, where you can meet the set if lucky. 

The Museum of the Highwood is also a popular tourism spot for Heartland fans. Among all the amazing things in the museum, there are props and costumes used in the show. You could plan to visit during the filming season, where you can see the crew’s trailers parked out of the museum.

High River offers amazing things to experience, especially for Heartland fans. Besides Maggie’s diner and the museum, you can go to the typical real-life shops from the show and buy a Heartland memento. George Lane Memorial Park is worth the visit. It’s famous for high graduation scenes of Amy and Georgie. 

Can You Tour Heartland Ranch?

Heartland indoor film scenes and the clinic where Scott works are filmed in Calgary in a studio setting; however, several scenes were filmed at other locations in Southern Alberta. Good thing the fans can take a Calgary day trip, usually five hours long. The trip covers iconic filming venues like the city of Lethbridge, Heartland Ranch, and others.

The tour will take you through a core of tourist attractions like the Glenbow Museum, the Olympic Plaza, and the City Hall from downtown Calgary. In addition, you will see the first pumping station in Canada, called the TransCanada Pipeline. The station lies to the city’s north. Finally, the tour ends at Glenmore Reservoir Park in the city’s south, the exact location of the Heartland Ranch.

Where Is Mongolia Filming Location?

As mentioned, most filming was done in Alberta. The Mongolia village Ty visited was not in Mongolia but Canada. In the northern Canadian province, Mongolia scenes were done in Drumheller Valley, less than two hours from Calgary.

Drumheller is popular for its many wildlife and beautiful sceneries. It has a rich history of mining gold, coal, zinc, lead, and silver. Its border in the north is Little Bow River, Bow River to the east, Trans-Canada Highway and Deep River, and Crowsnest Pass to the south. 

Which Location Is Dude Ranch?

Like the other Heartland scenes, Heartland Dude Ranch is filmed in Alberta in the Priddis community. It’s just a few miles from Heartland Ranch and a private rancher. Now you can find Dude Ranch on Google Maps. 

Who Is The Owner Of Heartland Ranch In Real Life?

Considering how stunning Heartland is, you will marvel at how old it is. Roy Foster bought the ranch in 1928 and settled with his family. They grew up on the ranch, even Les, Roy’s brother building the red barn. Today, the ranch has no inhabitants but is rented out for filming the Heartland Show. 

Are All Heartland Characters Experienced In Riding Horses?

Did you know that characters didn’t have to learn how to ride a horse so that they land a role in Heartland? Most of the characters didn’t have any horse experience, so they had to take some basic cowboy skills before getting on board. 

Some Heartland characters live their character lives, though. For instance, Alisha Newton and Amber Marshall are equestrians in real life. As a result, they do most horse riding in the related scenes. But stunt performers take their place in the dangerous settings that require horse riding. 

Mallory in Heartland, a scene by Jessica Amlee, was not an equestrian newbie before casting in the show. Scott Cardinal (Nathaniel Arcand) and Jack (Shaun Johnston) spent their life working with horses and were glad to be part of the Heartland family. 

Who Owns The Heartland Horses?

John Scott is the owner of most of the Heartland horses. Having more than five decades of training horses for movies, John Scott has become a big name in the industry. He has been the head wrangler in major TV show productions, including “Unforgiven,” “The Revenant,” “Lord of the Rings,” and many more. 

Scott is a top-rated wrangler, producer, stunt man, and actor. He is the owner of John Scott Productions, which has earned films seven Oscars so far. He keeps his props and stunts horses in Alberta. The town doubles as a filming site and home for his Longview farm. Scotts’ success story is in the “True West: John Scott Story” documentary. 

Is Heartland’s Amy A Horse Trainer In Real Life?

Amy is the main character of the show, portrayed by Amber Marshall, who plays a horse trainer working with troubled horses. The show displays Amy as an avid equestrian good in horseback riding and winning several competitions. 

In real life, Marshall is true to the character. She is a horse owner and a professional horse trainer who participated in riding events and has ridden horses in various television shows and movies. She also teaches riding lessons and has numerous horseback riders under her wing. 

Is Heartland An Adaptation Of True Story?

What could be more exciting than Heartland characters existing in real life? No matter how amazing they were, they don’t have counterparts in real life. Note that Heartland is an adaptation of Lauren Brooke. 

The book ranked high in 2000, having 26 books. Today the book is still a hit since they have raised great characters leading in the history of Canadian Television. But it’s rare to find these books outside Canada. Because of the Heartland TV Show, the world is now aware of the Heartland characters. 

Are The Characters In Heartland Based On Real-Life Individuals?

It’s hard to conclude Brooke’s inspiration, but she is great at putting her observation into writing. Thanks to Brooke, since the heartland characters are fictional, you can still feel their presence on the screens. 

What Makes Heartland Outstand Among Other Films?

Heartland is an exciting watch since the characters think about their feelings. Most other shows go to the next scene without the characters caring about their feelings or thinking about their previous encounters. In other words, Heartland is like a redeeming feature in a world of TV shows with little or no care for human experience.

Considering how the characters are aware of their feelings and everything about being human, most viewers assume the characters are true. While fans believe the show couldn’t portray such accurate feelings, the show proved possible.  

Final Thoughts

We agree that finding the right filming locations for horse-related films is hard. But Heartland has kept us glued to the screens for more than a decade now. However, the Heartland Ranch isn’t real; the location is close to the one featured in the original book. Keep in mind that it’s a 2000 miles distance.