Can You Ride A Horse While Pregnant

Can You Ride A Horse While Pregnant?

Can you ride a horse while pregnant? Or should you completely stop horse riding until after you give birth? As a general rule, we would not recommend horse riding while pregnant.

We will go a little more in-depth as to why, and explain all of the main risks of it. But we will also talk about times in which riding a horse is actually okay.

Being pregnant can be a wonderful experience and time of your life, as it is the beginning of a completely new chapter, and it is full of the hope that new life brings. It is a time to be happy, and feel proud, and plan a great future.

However, being pregnant comes with many challenges and difficulties, and many things that you would usually do in your day to day, you can no longer do. You have to give up certain activities, as well as certain hobbies, foods, and drinks.

Not to mention that it is changing your body drastically, and therefore it isn’t without its physical and mental difficulties. Lets say you are used to doing a certain thing, such as horse riding.

It is something that you really love and do not want to give up unless completely necessary. You might be wondering whether it is okay to continue doing so while pregnant.

So in a way, it completely depends on your situation, what you feel capable of, and the horse that you will be riding. Let’s get more into the matter, and discuss!

The Risks Of Riding A Horse While Pregnant

As a general rule, the answer to whether you should ride a horse while pregnant or not is no. This is because there are many risks to you and your pregnancy while you ride a horse, even if you are an experienced horse rider.

The risks, of course, will vary depending on your situation, the state of your pregnancy, the environment, and the specific horse that you are riding. So you should always analyze and make a decision based on your specific circumstances.

Here are some of the main risks of riding a horse while pregnant:

Falling Off

One of the biggest risks of riding a horse while pregnant is the possibility of falling off, as this could complicate your pregnancy, harm the baby, or even cause a miscarriage!

Many people ignore this risk, on the basis that they are experienced riders, or that they have a very calm horse. But the reality is that anybody, no matter what level of experience they have, is at risk of falling off the horse.

No matter how calm your horse is, something could happen. You never know, and therefore, it is a big risk to take.

Getting On And Off The Horse

At the beginning of the pregnancy, this won’t really be an issue. However, once you are further along, getting on and off of the horse is going to be hard, and it can increase the chances of you falling, stumbling over, and hurting yourself.

Let’s face it, when pregnant, even tying your shoes becomes impossible, so how are you supposed to ride a horse safely and comfortably?

Increased Risk Of Injury

During pregnancy, your entire body undergoes a big transformation, in order to create the life you carry within. Many hormonal changes in pregnancy can weaken your body and loosen your ligaments.

This means that you are a lot more prone to becoming injured or hurting yourself, and while horse riding, the risk multiplies.

Placental Abruption

When riding a horse, there is motion. And the jostling up and down motion that you experience while horse riding, can severely affect the pregnancy.

In fact, one of the big risks is placental abruption, which is a very severe complication within the pregnancy, in which the placenta becomes separated from the uterus. Not to mention that horse riding while pregnant could cause other complications.

Times In Which It Is Okay To Ride A Horse While Pregnant

Times in which it is okay to ride a horse while pregnant

Even though, as a general rule, we would recommend not horse riding while pregnant, we’re not saying that you absolutely should not under any circumstance. At the end of the day, the decision is up to you, and there are occasions in which it is pretty safe to ride a horse while pregnant.

Here are a few of those occasions:

During The First Term Of Pregnancy

During the first term of pregnancy, your baby is not yet high up in the abdomen and is, therefore, a lot more protected. Not to mention that you won’t be big yet, so you will have full mobility over your body, and will not be hindered by as many weakening physical effects.

If Your Horse Is “Baby-Proof”

If you have an extremely calm horse that is gentle, with a very comfortable back and a smooth walk (one in which the jolted movement is minimized), then you will be at less of a risk of causing any complications.

Under Heavy Supervision And With Plenty Of Help

It could be safe to ride a horse if you have supervision from someone you trust, and with plenty of help to get on the horse, and move around. It would have to be some very calm and chill horse riding, but it could work!

In The Right Environment And Space

We would never recommend horse riding while pregnant if you are riding out in the wild, or somewhere where all sorts of unexpected situations can occur. Instead, you should ride your horse in an enclosed space that is safe and controlled, so that your horse isn’t spooked, and nothing goes wrong.

Final Thoughts

So… can you ride a horse while pregnant? Technically, you can, although in the final term it might be very hard to get on the horse in the first place. However, we generally do not recommend riding a horse while pregnant, as it comes with too many risks that could complicate the pregnancy, and harm you or the baby.

At the end of the day, however, the decision is down to you. If you really want to ride, then we recommend you do so in the right environment, with plenty of help, with a “baby-proof” horse that moves smoothly.