Best Horse boarding In Lexington KY

Here are seven of the best horse boarding in Lexington, Ky. Keep reading to find out where!

The world’s horse capital, Lexington, is where you must step on your feet. Thus, you cannot miss visiting Lexington as a horse owner looking to board or spend a few hours surrounded by the countryside and touring horse farms filled with plenty of history. 

The farms on this list all differ to some degree. Some have a more mom-and-pop feel, and others are more grandeur.

However, they all have acres of rolling hills and pasture perfect for your horse to wind down during turnout and put your horse at the center.

After a life of serving and giving, your horse deserves a space where it can live out running alongside other horses, enjoying the sun, and getting unsurpassed attention and love.

The awesomeness of the stables is also close to showings, which can give you a chance to participate in one.

Darby Dan Farm 

Situated on roughly 1000 acres, Darby Dan is an A-1 equine facility founded by Col E.R Bradley, then later transferred ownership to John W Galbreath.

Not only does this farm have a rich history of producing legacy Derby winners, but it was the set for a couple of scenes from the film Secretariat. 

Committed to their horses and the owners, Darby Dan provides a place where horses feel at home, are well taken care of, and owners can rest assured in their horses well being. 

In addition, the farm is home to over 150 mares owned by thoroughbred enthusiasts worldwide.

These mares allow owners to interact and learn about certain aspects of ownership for their horses that they wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to.

Whether you’re looking for a boarding stable to fulfill your racing, breeding, or quarantine needs, Darby Dan Farm provides that and much more.


Address: 3225 Old Frankfort Pike Lexington, KY 40510

Phone: (859) 254-0424 | (888) 321-0424

Fantasia Farm 

Fantasia Farm is a full-service boarding and leasing equine service provider in the Lexington area.

Located on a beautiful farm, boarding at the farm provides the best choice, thanks to the care, love, and attention to detail that goes into caring for the horses.

In addition, boarders are welcome to use the trails that go through various areas with jaw-dropping views.

What To Expect

  • Large, well-ventilated stalls with cleaning three times daily 
  • The feed contains fresh oats, sweet feed, and pellets.
  • Owners are welcome to choose from either daily or nightly turnout. 
  • Clean, cool water, available at all times 
  • A significant tidy aisle way for storing tack trunks and horse supplies 
  • Two tack rooms 
  • Large and grassy turnout paddocks 
  • A sizeable jump course. In addition, there are areas for schooling jumps 
  • Reasonable boarding rates 
  • Wash areas are conveniently located near the stables 

In addition to boarding and leasing, they also offer lessons for all types of riders in Western, Huntseat, and Saddleseat.


Address: 7895 Tates Creek Rd, Lexington, KY 40515, United States

Phone: 859 272 7751

Paddle Stone Equestrian Center 

Opening its doors to boarders and students in the year 2000, Paddle Stone Equestrian Center is an equestrian dream.

Paddle Stone has acted as a foster home for neglected horses and retired Thoroughbreds and is now focusing on fundraising for Equine Rescue organizations.

Their facilities include,

  • Indoor arena measuring 65X105. The arena has mirrors and lights.
  • An outdoor (upper) arena 
  • An additional sizeable outdoor arena 
  • The stalls have mats and are fitted with fans.
  • A place for cold wash 
  • Boarding with them includes blanket and fly mask changes, entry to local horse shows, on-site management, daily individual care, and personalized daily care for your particular horse. And so much more!

Boarding Options 

Full Care Boarding – $365 Per Month In And Out (with request)

Horses that are on full care boarding enjoy the following, 

  •        Mineral blocks 
  •        Feeding two times a day
  •        Burr removal three times a month 
  •        Water Checks
  •        Utilize every facility
  •        Vet and farrier scheduling 
  •        Hauling (free) and, in addition, Rood and Riddle for medical needs
  •        Fly mask and blanket replacement as requested
  •        Stalls with mats and fans
  •        Beddings from sawdust – light bedding and deep bedding (additional fees apply)
  •        Zinc 
  •        All night watch for sick horses
  •        Free help during treatment or wraps

Pasture With Care Boarding – $315 Per Month 

This package includes the following:

  • Feedings up to two times daily
  • Mineral blocks
  • Water Checks
  •  Utilization of all facilities
  •  The vet and farrier are holding for routine care.
  •  Hauling (Hagyards) and Rood and Riddle for medical needs
  •  Mask to protect against flies and blanket replacements
  •  Giving medicines as needed

Total Self-care – $260 Per Month 

Horses under self-care enjoy water checks, use of all facilities, and the required amount of hay.


Address: 4864 Bryan Station rd., Lexington, KY 40516, US

Phone: (859) 983-3251


Punchestown Stables 

Punchestown Stables is the premier Hunter and Jumper facility in Bluegrass county. Situated on 30 acres, the farm provides a space for horses to thrive and be the best they can be.

Sarah Meier, an active horsewoman with decades of experience, runs the stable and provides exceptional care for both horse and rider.

The Punchestown team takes care of the horses as if they are their own. However, boarding is only available as part of a training program, including weekly coaching and rides that suit your needs.

Amenities Available

  • Two barns with 32 stalls 
  • 12′ x 12′ stalls with rubber mats
  • Nine paddocks measuring one-acre
  • Three fields (five-acre each) with run-in sheds
  • Outdoor arena measuring 270′ x 150′ 
  • Indoor arena measuring 150′ x 80′ 
  • Grooming stall with mats
  • The Wash stall has mats with hot and cold water.
  • The tack room is heated and air-conditioned.
  • Bathroom (permanent)
  • Kraft Treadmill

Full training is $1800 per Month, partial training is $1450 per Month, and basic training is $1200 per Month.

In addition, the stable offers horse shows, sales, and riding lessons.


Address: 1210 Bel Mar Lane, Lexington, KY 40515

Phone: (630) 621-2465

Avalon At Cherry Knoll Farm 

If you’re looking for a farm that offers acres of greenery, stalls designed with horses in mind, and a team of staff dedicated to taking care of your horse at the end of their competitive career, look no further than Avalon At Cherry Knoll Farm. 

This farm is a one-of-a-kind farm that offers the management of all the necessary care for your horse. The farm has an 80 by 220 indoor and 120 by 220 outdoor arena.

In addition, it features an equine treadmill and a barn with 20 stalls. Each stall has a European stall front, large window, video camera, fly spray system, fan, and waterer.

They only accept a limited amount of horses which helps to ensure that each horse receives top-quality care, attention, and comfort.

Other amenities include a riders’ lounge, a tack room, an office, and a bathroom, all equipped with climate control. You can utilize the farmhouse listed on the National Register for Historic places on a local or out-of-town border.

*Prices start at $475 per Month


Address: 3975 Lemons Mill Pike, Lexington, KY

Phone: 760.522.2924


Antebellum Farm 

Located minutes from the Kentucky Horse Park, Antebellum Farm is a full-service horse facility that offers boarding, lessons, and training.

Home to various types of riders and their horses, you can expect to feel right at home as you step foot on the farm. 

With over 120 acres of land, six large fields and ten smaller paddocks are used for turnout.

In addition, you can do rides on the 100’x 215′ synthetic outdoor arena, the 82’x216′ indoor arena with synthetic footing, or the two large grass fields fitted with jumps.

Boarding Options 

The Block Barn – a concrete barn fitted with 12 stalls measuring 12 by 12 and one foaling-sized stall (12 by 18), an inside wash rack, and two 12′ by 18′ tack rooms

The Back Tobacco Barn is a recently renovated barn with ten huge (14 by 12)stalls, feed, and tack.

The Historic barn –hosts 14 stalls (12 by 12) with outside windows, a 12 by 12 feed room, a 12 by 48 tack room, a 12 by 12 tack room, a hayloft, and an outdoor wash rack.


Pasture Care Board – $360 Per Month 

Inclusive of outdoor and indoor arenas, turn out in a field and deworming. Hay is fed to all field horses, but a fee is charged during winter.

Self-care – $430 Per Month 

The self-care package comprises a stall and space in a field with 4-8 horses plus deworming. You provide the feed, labor, and bedding or purchase the feed and bedding from the farm.

Additionally, a paddock turnout is charged at $30 per Month per horse.

Full Care Board $620 Per Month 

This package includes using indoor and outdoor arenas, a stall in one of the barns (cleaned daily), space for tack and equipment, turnout with 4-8 other horses, Hallway Feeds Potenza, grass hay during certain months, and Deworming and Blanket/fly mask changes.


Address: Antebellum Farm, 1984 N Yarnallton Pike Lexington, Kentucky 40511

Phone: (859) 489-3375


Six Winters Farm 

Six Winters is a 330-acre off-grid sport elite farmland perfect for use during show season or short-term layover. Each barn has decorative block exteriors, interior pavers, and 13 stalls.

The barn is close to the large spacious paddocks used for turnouts.

The staff on-site make sure that each of the horses is well taken care of, in the best condition they can be, and utilize the spaces for them.

A call to the farm should suffice for all current pricing and tours.


Address: 5613 Mt. Horeb Pike Lexington, KY 40511

Phone: (859) 494-5334



Finding the perfect horse boarding farm or stable in Lexington doesn’t have to be a hassle.

Located in the middle of over 450 horse farms, you will find one that suits your needs or will work with you to create a personalized boarding solution for your horse.

We hope this list has helped your search for your perfect home.