Are Donkeys Smart?

Are Donkeys Smart? So, the straight answer to this question is a resounding YES! Donkeys are smart. When you think of a donkey, a certain cartoon image might pop to mind or just a generic farm animal. From the offset, donkeys might be classed as somewhat unremarkable. But, they actually have a pretty good brain. Read on to find out more about donkeys and the way that their brains work.

Are Donkeys smart

In Their Natural Environment

When donkeys are not bound to working then they will have a pretty different attitude – so this is a bit like us humans really! There is a misconception that donkeys are stubborn, loud, rude, and stupid. So, we ask: if this is not true, then where did these come from? 

There are a lot of myths surrounding donkeys’ intelligence and personalities and a lot of these are based on folklore. This is why these old misconceptions are still believed by us, and this seems sad because donkeys were never given recognition or appreciation for their work, loyalty, and dedication.

Whether it is working in the fields, or carrying loads, or transporting goods – donkeys have done it all and have worked constantly for years. Due to this age-old myth, donkeys have never been given the true credit that they deserve for their intelligence.

So, To Answer The Question…

Donkeys are intelligent creatures. They absolutely love company and do not ever want to be alone, and they become friends with the fellow donkeys with who they spend most of their time. Like lots of animals, donkeys will enjoy playing, walking, and just being with fellow donkeys.

In fact, they will usually show affection towards their friends by grooming one another, and if they are separated then they will show distress with their actions. Donkeys are very aware of their surroundings and how they feel in these different surroundings.   

Donkeys have been painted out as stupid and stubborn, but there are lots of characteristics about the animals that can be explored to prove otherwise. In fact, it has been proven that donkeys can even detect any alterations in their owner’s behavior, for instance, donkeys can observe even the slightest change in their owner’s behavior by observing gestures.

Additionally, donkeys have high self-preservation skills which means that they are alert and aware of what is going on around them.

Why Are Donkeys Smart?

So, donkeys are smart because of their surroundings and their survival instincts within these surroundings. They have to navigate landscapes with harsh terrain and other difficult obstacles. As donkeys are desert animals they have to deal with danger every day, whether it is discovering new and safer routes, or finding clean water, or even learning how to outsmart predators, they have evolved and developed an understanding of how to survive.

Survival Of The Fittest

So, as we mentioned before, donkeys are super smart because they have had to adapt in order to survive. Donkeys have acquired lots of skills to ensure that they can compete in the survival of the fittest.

Problem Solving

Donkeys have excellent problem-solving skills. Don’t get us wrong, not all animals have the ability to do this – but this is what makes donkeys pretty smart. If a donkey ever finds itself in trouble then it will come up with a resolution that is the most logical and the most adaptable so that it can get out of the situation in one piece.

Memory Retention

Donkeys also have pretty great memory retention. They can take different routes when they need to go to other places for work. For instance, if they are carrying bricks to several areas then they can work out lots of different routes. Donkeys have to be able to find their way back home from wherever they are working, and they are smart enough to work out their way home without much assistance.

Additionally, donkeys will not forget their friends or family, no matter how long it has been since they have last seen them. Donkeys will hold on to their memories of their friends and family forever. Donkeys may also hold on to past trauma, and so if they are scared of something this will most likely be due to a past trauma.

Voice Command And Communication

Donkeys are smart because they try to understand voice commands. Donkeys can be trained. They have the ability to work out what their owner wants them to do via their commands. Also, Donkeys can understand voice commands. They know when they are being called on and will usually come to your aid.

In case it was not obvious, donkeys cannot speak – they are animals after all. But, donkeys can communicate how they feel through their body language and through their vocalizations. In fact, donkeys communicate with each other by blowing gently into each other’s noses to transfer important knowledge or news.

Why Do We Assume Donkeys Are Stupid?

So, after reading all of this info which clearly shows you how donkeys are actually pretty smart. You must be wondering why people assume that donkeys are stupid. People use donkeys as a point of insult when referring to intelligence. The reason that we assume that donkeys are stupid is due to the donkeys’ personalities.

Although donkeys are smart. They are resistant to obeying commands. This will anger us human owners, who will then believe that donkeys are too stupid to understand basic commands.

Why Do People Compare Donkeys’ Intelligence To Horses’ Intelligence?

Well, donkeys and horses belong to the same family and are pretty close relatives to one another, so comparing their intelligence is not odd.

Lots of people would argue that donkeys are much more intelligent than horses, purely due to the ways in which they react to fear. Horses will tend to flee any sort of danger, but it is pretty difficult to scare a donkey. Also, donkeys are quicker at problem-solving than horses because they are much more curious. 

So, to answer the question: are donkeys smart? We would say absolutely yes, they are pretty smart. Donkeys are underrated on the animal intelligence scale, but these animals are hardworking and loyal and we definitely think that they deserve more credit for how smart they are.